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Services Offered to Condo & HOA Boards 

We provide management services to Board directed Community Associations. Our selective services furnish our customers, the Boards, with comprehensive management, customized to their specific requirements.

Ability Managementís Primary Goals:

  • Alleviate Boards of the day to day operation of the Association.
  • Provide Board members with sufficient information, in an understandable format, from which educated decisions can be made.
  • Forecast the physical and financial positions of our Associations.
  • Recommend only that which is in the best interest of the Association.


  • Walk the property regularly, to inspect recurring service and maintenance work performed by outside contractors, and to report any observed potential problems or preventative maintenance that is recommended.
  • To arrange for or contract for minor repairs to common area facilities.
  • Consultation with outside vendors, contractors and professionals.
  • Solicit, negotiate and recommend competitive bids for contracts.
  • Supervise contracts to ensure work is being properly performed
  • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations.

Association Records:

  • Payment of Association debts as required per terms of service rendered.
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
  • Collect and deposit all monies in The Association's name into authorized accounts
  • Maintain all banking records including bank reconciliations
  • Delinquency follow up for Accounts.
  • Prepare and submit monthly financials by the 10th of the following month
  • Quarterly verification by CPA Information as necessary to Board of Directors

Annual Records and Requirements:

  • Licenses and fees
  • Information to CPA for filing Tax Returns, Audits, reviews or compilations
  • Necessary information to Unit Owners as per Association Documents and State Statutes
  • Attend all Board of Directors and Membership meetings as requested.
  • Coordinate annual meeting mailings and election, per Florida statute
  • Prepare annual budget and reserves for Board approval per Florida statute Statutory Requirements
  • Properly advise Board of Florida statutory requirements
  • Be abreast of all updates in statutory requirements


  • File on insurance claims
  • Solicit, negotiate and recommend competitive bids for contracts

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