Bookkeeper – Full or Part Time

Property (Association) Management Company

Ability Management, a very successful locally owned mid-sized association management company in Naples, Florida, has a key position available due to the very rapid growth of our company. Ability has been in business in Naples for 19+ years, with no change in ownership. We are currently managing 70 associations, encompassing over 7,000 homes and condos, and have 18 teammates working in our very sunny North Naples office in the Walden Oaks Professional Center off of Airport Rd just south of Orange Blossom Blvd. We are very good at what we do, and you should want to be a part of this great team.

We can arrange a flexible schedule if you are part time.

We are absolutely recession resistant and are considered “essential” and have not been affected by COVID or the current economy.

We provide accounting services for the associations that we manage, using our Tops association management software.  If you are familiar with Tops, that will be a big plus for you.

Your primary responsibilities will be the accounting for approximately 15-25 of our associations (depending if you are full time or part time):

  • Process Quarterly and Monthly Billings for Owner Assessments
  • Process Owner payments
  • Process Vendor Invoices
  • Process Vendor checks (we cut checks weekly)
  • Prepare monthly financial reports

You will be trained by your teammates who have been doing all of this for many years, so you will have immediate access to answers for any questions you may have. You do not have to have experience working in a management company, but it will greatly improve your chances of getting this job.  We have a great team in our office who are ready to welcome you and help you succeed.

You must have an outgoing personality, to enable you to interact in a positive fashion with Owners and Board members.

You must be very proficient using PCs, using Word and Excel.

You must be highly organized, and be able to prioritize your issues and prioritize your time. This is a very fast paced environment.

You earn vacation days starting with your first day, and can take vacations at any time after you start. You will get 2 weeks vacation in each of your first two years, and 3 weeks per year after that. All Holidays are paid. Our office hours during season are: 9-4:30 M-Th, and 9-3 on Friday. Out of season our hours are 9-4 M-Th, and 9-2 on Friday.

No Phone Calls Please. Naples area Candidates only, please.

Thank you for your interest.

Dennis Lively, President, Ability Management

Please email your resume with your salary expectations and an expression of your interest to:

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