Part-Time Portfolio Property Manager – Flexible Hours

No phone calls, please. Local Candidates only, please.

This is a Part-time Portfolio Association Manager Position managing condo and homeowner associations in the greater Naples area. Because of our rapid growth, this could grow to full time in a few months, if you are interested. It is not a requirement to go to full time if you do not wish to do so.

Flexible Hours For example, you could work 3 days a week, from 9—4:30. Or, you could work 5 days a week, for 3 or 4 hours per day. Or any other schedule that you and I can agree on. You would not have to have a fixed schedule; just get the job done.

You must have at least 1 year working experience as an association manager, or an assistant association manager, to be considered for this position. You must have a CAM license or be willing and able to get one. A (semi) retired association manager would be a great fit for this opportunity.

I started Ability Management over 19 years ago, and have grown the business from 1 condo association with 32 units in 2003, to management of over 70 associations with over 7,000 units. We manage Condo Associations, Home Owner Associations, and Master Associations in Naples and Bonita Springs, and have increased in size 50% in the past 18 months. We are successful and profitable. Currently there are 16 of us in our main office, including 8 licensed portfolio managers. We have been very successful when making presentations to Boards in getting new business. The possibilities are excellent for us in this business because of the excellent customer service that we offer, especially when compared to most of the other property management companies in the area.

Below is a high level outline of the responsibilities for this job. I have successfully managed hundreds of people, and know how to create a work environment where my teammates both succeed and enjoy their job. We enjoy very little employee or association turnover.

We have a great support team in our office, who will happily and ably assist you with many of your responsibilities.

We have a generous mileage reimbursement (50 cents/mile for business mileage), $75 per month cell phone allowance, vacation policy and holiday policy.

We are located in North Naples off of Airport Road in the Walden Oaks office park (just north of the new Hyundai dealership) approx. 1 mile north of Pine Ridge Rd. Address: 6736 Lone Oak Blvd, Naples FL 34109. Our phone is 239-591-4200; fax: 239-596-1919; You can learn more about our company and myself at our website: Please take the time to visit this website.

Thank you for your interest.

Dennis Lively, President

Skills and Experience needed

  • It is critical that you be able to prioritize your open issues, and prioritize your time. Virtually every property manager that has failed at Ability Management has failed because of their inability to successfully do those 2 things. We will provide you with any tool you need to help you stay organized.
  • You will need to be physically fit enough to walk around these properties. Normally, a Manager is out of their car for much of a site visit. It’s not a marathon, but you need to be able to walk for 30+ minutes at a time in the hot sun, across yards, uneven ground, through and behind shrubs, etc.
  • Lots and lots of Common Sense, along with the ability to manage your time and activities efficiently. Property Management is a competitive business, with very thin profit margins, and all of our teammates have to work smart and not waste time.
  • Ability to communicate in a positive fashion and deal with owners, who often are complaining, sometimes irrationally, and keep smiling. This is tough sometimes.
  • Knowledge of general maintenance and repairs.
  • Ability to manage subcontractors.
  • We use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and TOPS Association Management and Accounting software. You need to be reasonably proficient using spreadsheets, word processing, and email on a computer. Not an expert, but comfortable. We will teach you how to use our software.
  • The ability to smile and stay positive when things go wrong.

I hope you find this position interesting, and that we receive an email from you expressing interest. We have a fun office and a great bunch of teammates, so send me that email! Please type “Part Time Property Manager” in the subject line of your email.

email address:

6736 Lone Oak Blvd.
Naples, FL 34109-6834
Phone: 239-591-4200 Fax: 239-596-1919

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