Receptionist/Administrative Support

No phone calls, please.

This is an opportunity to work in a fun office with a great group of teammates.

This is a full time hourly position. The normal hours for this job will be 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday and 9:00-3:00 on Friday. You can work up to 40 hours if you have work to do. No nights or weekends. All of our Holidays are paid, and you start earning paid vacation immediately, 2 weeks per year the first two years, and 3 weeks per year beginning your third year. We enjoy a very pleasant, sunny office, with windows in everyone’s office.

I started Ability Management 18 years ago, and have grown the business to management of 40+ associations with 6,000+ homes and condos. We manage Condo Associations, Home Owner Assoc, and Master Associations in Naples and Bonita Springs. Currently there are 12 of us, including 5 licensed CAM managers. Our business is stable and profitable, with no cash flow issues whatsoever.

We are totally resistant to any recession and the Naples economy. We have grown right through downturns in the economy, including the recent COVID-19 virus.

Below is a high level outline of the responsibilities for this job. I have successfully managed hundreds of people, and know how to create a work environment where my teammates both succeed and enjoy their job. We enjoy very little employee or association turnover.

We have a great team in our office, who will happily and ably assist you with many of your responsibilities.

We are located off of Airport Road in the Walden Oaks office park (next to the Hyundai dealership) approx. 1 mile north of Pine Ridge Rd. Address: 6736 Lone Oak Blvd, Naples FL 34109. Our phone is 591-4200; fax: 596-1919; email:

If you would like to be considered for this position, please send me an email to with your qualifications and resume. Include your hourly rate expectations in this email. Please use the words “Recept/Admin Support” in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest. Please read below for the skills and a job description.

Dennis Lively, President

Skills needed

  • Accuracy and Attention to detail. This is very important. You will be trained to scrutinize Purchase and Lease Applications for completeness and errors. It is critical that errors are minimized.
  • We use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook) and TOPS Association Management and Accounting software. You need to be reasonably proficient using spreadsheets, word processing, and Outlook email on a computer.
  • Lots and lots of Common Sense, along with the ability to manage your time and activities efficiently.
  • Ability to communicate in a positive fashion and deal with owners, who often are complaining, sometimes irrationally, and keep smiling. This is tough sometimes.
  • Telephone answering skills. Most calls are for owners reporting a problem. In some cases, you can contact the subcontractor to go out and make the repair. Calling the pest control company, for example, or the irrigation company to fix a broken sprinkler head. On more complicated calls, you will either pass it on to the Property Manager assigned to that association, or, create an issue email for the appropriate person.
  • The ability to smile and stay positive when things go wrong. (did I mention that already?)


  • Answering the phone, entering the information from the calls into our system.
  • Process Purchase and Lease Applications. Perform Criminal Background Checks and Credit Checks.
  • Assist Owners and Boards with Architectural Change Requests.
  • Assist with getting out mailings; folding and stuffing envelopes, etc.
  • Calls to our field personnel and subcontractors to advise them of an issue needing their attention.
  • Open and sort mail.
  • Filing.

The Ideal Candidate

  • The ideal candidate might have worked in a management company previously.
  • Or worked in a Real Estate office or a Title Company.

I hope you find this position interesting, and that we receive an email from you expressing interest. We have a fun office and a great bunch of teammates, so send that email!

Email address:

Ability Management, Inc.
6736 Lone Oak Blvd.
Naples, FL 34109-6834
Phone: 239-591-4200
Fax: 239-596-1919

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