Property Management Services

Ability Management provides property management services to Board directed Community Associations. Our selective services furnish our customers, the Boards, with comprehensive management, customized to their specific requirements.

Property Management Services Offered to Condo and HOA Boards


  • Tour the property on a regular basis to check on scheduled service and maintenance work performed by your vendors. Report any potential problems or recommend preventative maintenance actions.
  • Arrange for minor repairs to common area facilities.
  • Solicit, negotiate and recommend competitive bids for routine maintenance contracts.
  • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

Association Records

  • Weekly payment of all Association bills that are not in dispute
  • Collect and deposit all monies in the Association’s name into authorized accounts
  • Maintain all banking records including bank reconciliations
  • Owner assessment billing
  • Submit monthly financials by the 15th of the following month
  • Communicate necessary information to Board of Directors

Annual Requirements

  • Licenses and fees
  • Provide information to CPA for filing Tax Returns, Audits, Compilations and Reviews
  • Provide necessary information to Unit Owners as per Association Documents and State Statutes
  • Attend all Board of Directors and Membership meetings as requested
  • Coordinate annual meeting mailings and election material according to Florida Statutes
  • Prepare annual budget and reserves for Board approval per Florida Statutes

Statutory Requirements

  • Properly advise Board of Directors the Florida Statutory requirements
  • Maintain knowledge of current updates pertaining to Florida Statutory requirements


  • Assist the Board in securing the proper insurance coverage at a competitive price
  • Maintain files on all insurance claims

Other Duties

  • Alleviate the Board of the day to day operation of the Association
  • Provide Board members with sufficient understandable information from which educated decisions can be made
  • Assist in forecasting the physical and financial positions of the Association
  • Recommend only that which is in the best interest of the Association
  • Provide superior service to owners in answering questions and executing administrative tasks

Estoppels and Applications

New Purchasers and New Renters, and Owners wishing to rent or sell

If you need an Estoppel or Purchase or Rental Application, or any other forms or reports associated with a rental or sale, our office will be happy to assist you.

You may call 239-591-4200 and ask for extension 303.
The email address is: or

Ability Management’s Primary Goals

  • Alleviate Boards of the day to day operation of the Association.
  • Provide Board members with sufficient information, in an understandable format, from which educated decisions can be made.
  • Forecast the physical and financial positions of our Associations.
  • Recommend only that which is in the best interest of the Association.

Management Fees Simplified

Your Management Fee and Fixed Monthly Office Expense includes, but is not
limited to, the following:

  • Payables and receivables processed
  • Compliance and violations processed
  • Postage and envelopes for mailing checks
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Annual budget analysis
  • Day-to-day correspondence (facsimiles, emails, letters) to owners, board members, and vendors
  • Ability Management support staff available for Board members, owners and vendors
  • Direct access to licensed property manager for Board of Directors
  • Regularly scheduled on site property inspections
  • Travel time and cell phone usage
  • Printed Board and committee meeting material
  • Conference room availability
18Years in Business

Locally owned with no change in ownership.

15Team Members

We care about you and your community and that quickly shows in our attitude.

6000+Units Managed

Our experienced managers with a full portfolio average about 9 associations.

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