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About Ability Management

Ability Management has grown from 32 units under management in 2003 to over 6,000 homes and condominium units in Naples and Bonita Springs today.  We attribute this successful growth by providing excellent management services which results in referrals from our existing satisfied customers.  

We provide management services to Board directed Community Associations. Our selective services furnish our customers, the Boards, with comprehensive management, customized to their specific requirements.

Locally owned with no change in ownership for 18+ years.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is your management fee based on the number of homes?

    No.  Our management fee is based on our experienced estimate of how much time your association should take our office team to provide the services and support that the Board expects.  For example, an HOA with no or few amenities would take less time than an HOA with many amenities. If an association’s Board only meets a few times each year, that management fee would be lower than an HOA that has a Board meeting every month.  An association that has a higher percentage of renters, who tend to cause more violation letters to be prepared and mailed, may have a higher management fee.

  2. 2
    A. How many associations is the portfolio manager you assign to our association responsible for?

    At Ability Management, our experienced managers with a full portfolio average about 9 associations.  If that person has any more associations, it would be because there are multiple associations in one community.  I have interviewed many managers who have had 17 or more associations, one manager with 25 associations, and most that I have met from other management companies seem to have 13-15 associations. That is too many associations to properly manage.

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    How often will my manager be at my association?

    All of our managers are required to perform a formal “Property Check”, at a frequency called out in the contract.  Based on the association’s size and amenities, some associations only want a monthly property check.  Others want twice a month, and other want someone on site full-time.  However, and I cannot stress this enough, your manager would be there as often as is needed to deal with any issues.

Owner’s Experience

President and Owner

Dennis Lively

 Property Management Experience

  • Division Vice-President at  nationally recognized homebuilder with responsibilities over Construction, Contract Administration, Customer
  • Service, Purchasing, and Info Technology, building and closing 200 homes/condos per year .
  • General Manager of a very large apartment builder/management company responsible for 200 employees (Area Managers, Property Managers, leasing agents, Maintenance Supervisors, lawn care, cleaning, painting) supporting 6,000 apartment units on 20 properties.
  • Regional Manager (Apartment Management firm) responsible for 90 employees (Area Managers, Property managers, leasing, Maintenance Supervisors, lawn care, cleaning, painting) supporting 2,700 apartments on 9 properties.
  • Overall responsibility for 2 very upscale Racquet Clubs with 18 indoor tennis courts, 20 outdoor tennis courts, 20 indoor racquetball courts, and excellent fine dining restaurants and bars, and banquet facilities that seated 400 people.
  • Responsible for $25,000,000 in construction budgets
  • Responsible for $10,000,000 in apartment budgets
(Computer Consulting Company)

A.J. Ryan Group

Personal Data: Graduate – University of Missouri at Columbia; B. S. Mechanical Engineering

I owned this successful computer consulting company, which provided cost effective Management, Systems Design, Programming, Training, and Installation services to a large variety of satisfied clients. I have designed property management systems for 3 different companies.

Why is Ability Management “different” than other Property Management companies?

We return phone calls promptly

A real person will answer the phone, not a recording.

We are experienced

We have decades of construction and residential management experience managing 1000s of units.

We communicate

We will communicate to the Board and owner in writing before undertaking all important actions. No nasty surprises!

We listen

We listen closely and carefully to our Boards because we want to understand what their instructions and expectations are.

We are demanding and relentless

We absolutely will not tolerate unacceptable performance from subcontractors. We will maintain contact with them until the job is done right.

We are thrifty

We will conserve the Association’s funds everywhere it makes sense for the Association. We cut your vendor payables checks weekly, with no extra charge for special checks.

We operate with high energy

The difficulty or nature of the task is never an impediment.

We are absolutely honest and ethical

We do not solicit or accept any referral fees, kickbacks, etc. from any subcontractor we engage with.

We like people

We genuinely like people…like to meet new people….like to talk to people, and make them happy.

We will be on your property regularly

We check and inspect the work of the various service providers and look for potential problems.

We question

We ask many questions to make certain that there is a 100% alignment between us and the Board, with no room for any misunderstandings.

We cut your vendor payables checks weekly

There will be no extra charge for special checks.

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